Two guys; Zombies full version (hacked) v1

Two guys; Zombies full version (hacked) v1

  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: Two players
  • Android Version: 4.1

Two guys & Zombies – a beautiful 2D shooter in a cartoon style for two. A great game that requires the participation of two users. The interface is designed to be controlled via Bluetooth, where two devices with the app installed are involved. The characters are a cowboy and a COP. They find themselves in the middle of a city surrounded by zombies. Apparently, the end of the world has already happened and as a result of a dangerous virus, 95% of the population has turned into the walking dead. Two friends survived, they will have to face a Horde of bloodthirsty creatures, fighting back to back to the last.

Features of the game Two guys & Zombies:

fully reflects its name – two guys against a hundred dead men;

the system of leveling characters;

construction of turrets, defensive barricades, and other structures;

many types of zombies;

large selection of locations to pass through;

different types of weapons from a simple pistol to a powerful grenade launcher;

nice graphics and musical accompaniment;

a system of hints for beginners.

Hacked version with all the add-ons. To play together, you need to download the game and wait for your friend to install it too. Launch and click “server” in the interface. If you receive a request to connect Bluetooth, you must agree. The first user will be the Server. After starting the game, the second player needs to find his nickname and click “Join”. The characters of gamers will be together on a common location. After that, their joint passage will begin. The task is simple-to repel together all the attacks of zombies. The walking dead will come in waves. One, then two. Gradually, the level of enemies will start to increase. First they are ordinary zombies, then they will become stronger, until the boss comes last.

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