Twilight Crusade: Romance Otome Game hack (mod for diamonds) download for Android

Twilight Crusade: Romance Otome Game-she managed to live quietly for a long time in a world of active confrontation between vampires and humans. She was talking to Ali, her boyfriend, and had no idea what was going on around her. But one day the girl was attacked by a vampire! Fortunately, the hunter showed up in time and saved her, only to be wounded himself. The grateful heroine brought him to her home, wanted to dress his wounds, when she noticed the fangs of an unexpected Savior. Was he a vampire, too?

The heroine of the visual novel Twilight Crusade: Romance Otome Game:

Baron is a vampire who has chosen the side of humans. He hunts for bloodsuckers. Calm, collected and well armed. As a child, the Baron was found by people and raised as their own child. I started to hate vampires when my loved ones were killed.

Sven is a vampire hunter, and he is also one of the children of the Night. A Friend Of The Baron’s. Previously, he supported vampires, but then something happened, and his point of view changed.

Eli is a great leader, a vampire hunter. Charismatic. A person, thanks to their skills, can fight on equal terms with bloodsuckers. A good friend of the heroine.

There is a mod for a lot of diamonds, it allows you to make additional choices in the passage. By reading the story, the user gets to know the characters and takes an active part in what is happening. It depends on him who the heroine will choose, who she will make friends with or keep at a distance. Will the girl be able to stay on the sidelines or will she be involved in the war? Who will she have a close relationship with? It’s up to readers to decide!

Twilight Crusade: Romance Otome Game hack (mod for diamonds) download for Android

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