Tales Rush! hacked (mod many diamonds) v 1

Tales Rush! hacked (mod many diamonds) v 1

  • Updated: 6-06-2020, 00: 52
  • Category: Quests
  • Developer: Potting Mob
  • Android Version: 4.3
  • V 1.4.0

Tales Rush! – this company is always getting into trouble. They don’t like boring life, they always want adventures and exploits! Now they are joined by a gamer. A friendly team is not afraid of anyone, especially since heroes can be upgraded over time, getting them better equipment and weapons, and improving their overall characteristics. Around a fantastic world inhabited by different creatures, among which there are benevolent strangers, neutral passers-by and many enemies who dream of taking the head of brave heroes. There are hidden treasures there are among the rare artifacts meet and curses! Accept the gift of fate or, on the contrary, refuse? The gamer decides!

Tales Rush game features!:

Easy operation. To make an attack, just tap your finger in the right place on the screen, wait for the right moment and release. Battles take place with beautiful visual effects.

A large number of different locations.

You can combine skills to create new, more powerful combos. Each adventure is a new Chapter in the story and a new experience.

A lot of opponents of different nature – there are privates, they are easy to defeat. And powerful bosses that can only be defeated by joining forces.

You can expand your squad over time by hiring new heroes. Try new attack combinations with them.

The mod works for an infinite number of diamonds. It will make it easier to complete the game. The camera is located on top, so the user can see everything that happens on the location. Can track the movement of enemies and your character, use environment elements and other items. After finishing in one location, you need to move on to the next.

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