Rules OF SURVIVAL hacking (infinite money Mod) v 7 for Android download

Rules OF SURVIVAL hacking (infinite money Mod) v 7 for Android download

  • Updated: 19-10-2020, 01: 16
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • V 1.610145.464417

RULES OF SURVIVAL is a great shooter game that combines several genres in harmony. The developers were inspired by the legendary battle Royale. In one arena, 120 different players will meet, who will fight among themselves for survival. The arena is a huge island filled with weapons and various vehicles. Initially, all participants have the same chances. Victory will go to the one who remains the last survivor, having managed to defeat all the opponents!

Rules of SURVIVAL game features:

Typical control for a shooter – there is a motion joystick on the left, and you can shoot with the buttons on the right.

Beautiful graphics, with scenic views of the island.

Well-designed characters, each with their own appearance and abilities.

The location is full of hidden caches, they can be found by attentive players.

A mini-map is located at the top right, which makes it easy to navigate the area.

The infinite money mod will give the user in-game currency, for which they can purchase various upgrades in the store. There’s no time to rest. As soon as the character is on the island, the battle will begin. It goes online, so you can invite your friends there. After landing, you need to quickly look around, find yourself a weapon. It is better to explore the area. There is a danger zone on the battlefield, which gradually increases, forcing participants to move regularly so as not to get there. At your fingertips all possible modes of transport: motorcycles, bicycles, cars, large trucks. Use a tank or take advantage of the terrain and hide? The choice is large. Who gets lucky? Who will win? This is unknown.

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