Prop Hunt Portable hacking for a lot of money V. 1

Prop Hunt Portable hacking for a lot of money V. 1

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 03: 47
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: Rexet Studio
  • Android Version: 2.3.3
  • V 1.3.3

Prop Hunt Portable is both a first-person shooter and a hide-and-seek game with extremely simple rules. All players are divided into two teams: hunters and props, those who hide. The goal of the hunters is to hunt down and kill all the propos in the allotted time. The essence of the game is that the props are depicted not in the form of ordinary characters, but in the form of all sorts of objects that are full in each location: boxes, chairs, barrels and more.

The number of bullets and hunters is limited, so you can’t shoot everything in a row. While exploring locations, they need to find items that are not in their proper places. As soon as the prop is found out, it can try to hide and find another hidden place, among similar objects.

The gameplay is very different from classic shooters and at the same time quite interesting. After each round, the teams will switch places, so that all players will be able to visit from both sides-the gameplay will be very different.

a new original genre, a cool mix of shooter and hide-and-seek;

exciting team battles with other players online;

the ability to play as both props and hunters;

lots of interesting upgrades;

four minutes per round;

several well-designed locations;

the graphics are of average quality, which is completely enough for this genre.

Prop Hunt Portable offers original gameplay with simple rules, good graphics and standard controls. For communication with other players, a chat is provided.

In the game there are additional upgrades for characters. They are optional, but they will be much more fun to play with. Install this version with the mod for a lot of money to get all the benefits without using a donation!

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