Mad GunZ-crazy shooting games online hacking for a lot of money v for Android

Mad GunZ-crazy shooting games online hacking for a lot of money v for Android

  • Updated: 29-09-2020, 23: 24
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: Mad Pixel LTD
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • V 2.1.10

Mad GunZ-mad shooting games online is a cool shooter in a cool pixel design. The essence of the game is practically no different from most shooting games, except for a rather interesting introduction.

You will start the game not on the battlefield, but in the main character’s room. The plot of the game begins with the fact that our hero went to the kitchen to feed the cat, but after opening the refrigerator, he found himself in a completely new world. Next, you will have to get acquainted with a small backstory, but if you want, you can skip all the plot inserts.

Mod for a lot of money will help you buy all the necessary items at once. Choose from a large number of guns to suit all tastes, buy useful power-UPS and upgrade your character to earn even more frags! Competitions take place in team modes with real players, but you can try out other modes, destroying different monsters together. The developers approached the creation of the game with humor and in addition to classic weapons, you can choose dozens of funny items.

a good pixel-based first-person shooter;

a non-standard beginning with a little background;

large selection of guns and upgrades;

team competitions with real players online;

multiple modes with different tasks;

simple operation with a virtual joystick and a couple of buttons;

ability to record fights;

real-time statistics for each match;

large selection of locations.

Mad GunZ is a good choice for those who love games of this genre, but are tired of monotonous shooters that strongly resemble CS. In this shooting game, you can compete with other players, fight zombies, bloodthirsty roosters, huge octopuses and more!

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