Idle Makeover hack (mod many diamonds) v 24 download for android

Idle Makeover hack (mod many diamonds) v 24 download for android

  • Updated: 22-06-2020, 23: 06
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Android Version: 4.4
  • V 24

Idle Makeover is a fun arcade process of changing the appearance of cartoon characters. The player is invited to change the appearance of the participants at their own discretion or by fulfilling a certain order, wish or mission requirement. To do this, the participant of the process is offered a huge selection of hairstyles, skin colors, lip styles, noses, mouths, cosmetics and makeup, accessories and jewelry.

Get started and try to master the initial functionality of Idle Makeover. Choose your “victim” and start experimenting on it in a free style or using certain requirements. Look for the opportunity to spend as little money and actions as possible on completing the client’s order, so that you can earn more money. Change your hairstyle, the shape of your eyes, the shape of your lips, nose, and even the shape of your jaw. Apply makeup in the form of mascara on the eyelashes, blush on the cheeks, lipstick on the lips. Add scars and moles, change the skin tone, eye shape and direction, and color of the iris. Try cutting your hair, shaving it bald, braiding braids and dreadlocks, coloring and thinning. Add accessories in the form of earrings and piercings, make tattoos. Complete tasks and earn money for further experiments and diamonds to unlock and explore. The latter are often not enough, but the multi-diamond mod comes to the rescue, allowing you to unlock all the content in the shortest possible time and master hundreds of elements to change your appearance. Create and experiment, make funny characters different and unrecognizable. Try out easy modes, free workouts and take part in a competition of professional stylists with high requirements and difficult situations.

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