Idle Car hacked (mod lots of crystals and money) v 2

Idle Car hacked (mod lots of crystals and money) v 2

  • Updated: 6-09-2020, 06: 54
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Android Version: 6.0
  • V 2.1.5

Idle Car is a fun clicker game with separate simulator elements. The gamer is given a chance to choose the parts and build their own unique car from them! The process is as meticulous as possible. After selecting one part, click on it to purchase it. Then save money to buy the next one. To earn game coins, the character will be given to perform various tasks. First, the cheapest spare parts will be available to him, from which the character will eventually collect the first transport. Gradually, they will be able to change parts when they buy more expensive ones.

Idle Car Features:

lots of car spare parts;

step-by-step instructions to help beginners understand;

various bonuses for successful completion of quests;

models of new modes of transport will be unlocked over time, including space rockets;

progress is ongoing, even in offline mode;

a large collection of bonuses and other nice things.

With the mod for a lot of crystals and money, the build process will speed up, because the gamer will have the necessary amount with him initially. In addition to simple cars, a self – taught technician will be able to build powerful racing cars, modern motorcycles for harsh bikers and much more! Their engineering skills, experience, and total cost of finished models will improve. A great opportunity to learn more about the technical component of cars. What does the car consist of? What is inside it besides the battery, steering wheel and four wheels? Every detail in the game store is provided with a detailed description. Its properties, cost, and purpose are indicated. Over time, the character will open his own garage, filling it with cool cars! In addition to cars, there will be fast motorcycles and entire yachts in the garage!

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