Hacking B612-Beauty; Filter Camera (Mod: all effects) download

B612-Beauty & Filter Camera-an application that will help you achieve the perfect result even if you do not have the right experience and skills. Beautiful photos and stylish images are an unattainable dream for many, because it is believed that this requires the talent of a photographer and an outstanding appearance of a model. Now these ideas are over: a special program with simple controls and a well-thought-out user interface will help you put any ideas into practice. There are different functions and tools available to achieve excellent results, regardless of the source data.

Game features:

  • great photo editor
  • visual menu
  • convenient features
  • wide selection of filters
  • multiple tools
  • interesting effects
  • photo processing
  • the choice of effects before shooting
  • record videos
  • creating collages
  • clips and animations

B612-Beauty & Filter Camera will open up the widest possibilities for every user of a mobile device. Thanks to this program, you can take selfies by first selecting the filters and effects that you want to apply to the finished image. A variety of tools, templates and features will make your photos truly beautiful and vivid, so that even the most demanding aesthetes will be satisfied with the result.

In addition to high-quality photo processing, the program provides for creating collages and videos, clips and animations. The mod for all effects will be useful for interesting creative experiments, where the mobile device will serve as a platform. The function of quick uploading of finished works to social networks will help you share your interesting projects with your friends.

Hacking B612-Beauty; Filter Camera (Mod: all effects) download

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