Download Zombie Craft Survival hack (Mod for ammo and money) v 29

Download Zombie Craft Survival hack (Mod for ammo and money) v 29

  • Updated: 5-05-2020, 06: 32
  • Category: Shooting Games
  • Developer: Pix Games
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • V 29.5

Zombie Craft Survival-the graphics of the game are somewhat similar to Minecraft, those who know will definitely appreciate it. The world has changed irrevocably, 95% of humanity has turned into zombies. Now the walking dead threaten the few survivors, including the main character. He needs to save his life by repelling the attacks of countless enemies. The walking dead doesn’t seem to end here. To protect yourself, you need a weapon, it can be found if you carefully explore the location. Various items are hidden there.

Zombie Craft Survival game features:

Two modes. Single player mode, in which the gamer will have to explore several locations and clean them up. Each is designed in its own way, in addition to enemies, useful items are hidden in it.

Multi-player – a group of players falls on the same, common location. They need not only to resist the zombies, but also to fight among themselves. All locations are extensive, there are places to hide.

Beautiful graphics, reminiscent of Minecraft, easy operation.

A classic first-person shooter that allows you to experience more of the atmosphere.

There is a crafting system that allows you to improve weapons, complementing them with new details.

There is a mod for ammo and money, it will allow you to quickly get used to the game. Zombies are not stupid bots, they always appear unexpectedly, can chase prey. However, they do not know how to walk silently, and the approach of a dead person is easily determined by the sound of his steps and other sounds. Developers have introduced real physics effects. For example, shots have recoil. The user’s achievements are saved automatically, and the leaderboard is visible.

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