Download Sand Balls hacking (mod a lot of money, no ads) v 2

Download Sand Balls hacking (mod a lot of money, no ads) v 2

  • Updated: 9-10-2020, 23: 03
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer: SayGames
  • Android Version: 4.4
  • V 2.1.0

Sand Balls-sometimes you want to take a break from endless shooting games, creepy horror games and complex strategic combinations. This game helps you relax. The gamer will have several colorful balls that resemble billiard balls. The task is to direct their movements so as to reach the specified end point, while maintaining the number. Balls are “nimble”, trying to roll off somewhere. On the location there are different obstacles that the balls can bypass or roll. Everyone’s route is important. The final point is a truck, apparently all the balls fell out of there.

Features Of Sand Balls:

If the balls have nowhere to go, there is a dead end ahead, you will have to arm yourself with a shovel and dig them a new tunnel! The main thing is to stick to the right direction. The number of round “wards” will increase each time. Accordingly, directing them will become more difficult. It is important to provide them with a smooth surface and think about the route of movement so that they do not roll away. Later, traps will be encountered along the way. This is a good way to train mindfulness and logical thinking. Mod for a lot of money will help the player to advance faster. They will be able to purchase various upgrades. Developers continue to improve the game, removing the identified shortcomings and errors. There are all the possibilities for the manifestation of imagination. It’s not easy to choose the right road for one, but here are a dozen round balls ready to roll cheerfully anywhere! But solving complex problems will give you more experience and other bonuses, and at the same time help you train logical thinking!

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