Download Miga Gorod: Mir (Mod all open / full version) v1

Download Miga Gorod: Mir (Mod all open / full version) v1

  • Category: Quests
  • Developer: XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd
  • Android Version: 4.1

Miga Gorod: Mir will appeal to young gamers and offer an exciting process of building a themed institution, communicating with online characters and developing. Players will find themselves in a big city and will have the opportunity to develop a hospital, a school, a canteen and cafeteria, a supermarket and even an animal shelter, a Playground and an amusement Park, then combine all this together or continue to develop separately.

Start the game and get acquainted with the interface, which in the Miga City: World project is quite clear and simple. Meet other characters and place whatever you think is necessary in the chosen place. Try to build a building from blocks, having previously thought up where the entrance and exit will be located, as well as the entrance of transport. Set up tables and reception rooms, if it is an outpatient clinic, place sofas and small counters, if it is a cafe. Try to get equipment and furniture for the interior and create a cozy decoration, because the mod where everything is open and the full version of the game provides access to more than 200 objects, and even more can be won in events. Invite other characters to visit your new establishment and visit their buildings accordingly. Learn from experience and make interesting decisions, organize mini-games and earn additional funds for development. Take part in sweepstakes of cool and rare building materials, complete simple tasks to get access to additional themed buildings. Organize recreation areas by building blocks of benches and fountains, alleys and rides, gazebos and slides. Look at the result of your work from a bird’s eye view or zoom in as much as possible for the smallest correction.

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