Download hacked Bowmasters (Cheat a lot of money) v

Download hacked Bowmasters (Cheat a lot of money) v

  • Updated: 6-08-2020, 23: 17
  • Category: Arcade Games
  • Developer:
  • Android Version: 4.1
  • V 2.14.8

Bowmasters is a cool game based on the duel principle. The enemy will be located directly opposite your character at a certain distance, and you need to accurately hit the opponent with the proposed weapon. The Arsenal will change depending on the chosen hero, it can be a bow, an axe, a spear, playing cards, throwing knives and many other types with unique characteristics. Cheat for a lot of money will help you buy any characters!

Aim accurately, as you can only injure the opponent, leaving a small amount of HP. In this case, the move goes to him. For more convenient aiming, the gameplay is accompanied by hints in the form of tilt angle and throw force. These values can be stored to improve the result on the next attempt. But in the new game, you will have to re-calculate the trajectory, since the locations are constantly changing along with the distance and other features of the landscape.

exciting one – on-one competitions with other players;

training mode with hints;

more than forty unique characters with different weapons;

interesting characteristics of each type of weapon;

dozens of locations with different distances and other features;

high-quality graphics and easy controls;

hints while aiming.

The game Bowmasters received very high-quality graphics for its genre. The locations are designed quite stylishly, among the characters you can recognize a lot of familiar heroes, and during the defeat of the target you can observe bright effects with blood splashes and other damage. Train in a special mode hitting fruits, balls, birds, other targets or challenge real players from all over the world!

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