Dead Venture already cracked (full) for Android download

Dead Venture is a colorful entertainment presented in the format of a racing game designed to help compensate for the lack of adrenaline. There will be plenty of thrills and strong emotions here: participants of the virtual competition are invited to practice driving skills, escaping from bloodthirsty monsters. It is in such conditions that the main character of the game, who had to survive the zombie Apocalypse, finds himself.
Users who have installed a bright game on mobile devices will have to abandon the usual rules for winning a victory, because here the best pilot will not get some dubious awards, titles and titles. A life is at stake: speed records are just an opportunity to escape from the bloody nightmare that happened after the spread of a deadly virus.

Game features:

  • pumping a car
  • dangerous road conditions
  • an exciting race
  • the extermination of zombies
  • rewards and bonuses
  • multiple modes

Dead Venture will set each participant a difficult task: to get to the safe island, not yet captured by creepy zombies, and help other people get out. Make your way to the coveted shelter will have to drive a car, which should be pumped in the process of driving. Along the way, you need to pick up other survivors and crush monsters, trying to contribute to the extermination of aggressive evil spirits.
The full version of the game, dedicated to high-speed records in the name of your own salvation, will help you harden your character, become bolder and more determined. After all, victory here depends on the activity of each gamer, who must do everything possible to survive in extreme conditions.

Dead Venture already cracked (full) for Android download

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