Battle of Castles (hacked: a lot of money) for Android download

Battle of Castles is a game that will help users survive amazing events, test themselves in the most difficult and dangerous conditions, nurturing leadership qualities and the will to win. At the gamer’s disposal will be different resources, powerful weapons, a large army – all this aggressive, cruel, dangerous variety will become a part of life for a while.
If everyday life is tiring and disappointing with its ordinariness, the lack of bright emotions and new impressions affects the mood, it’s time to change your life towards something more bold and exciting. Although sane and cautious people will find the need for such drastic changes doubtful: mental balance and comfort, as a rule, are obtained at the cost of serious efforts, so breaking the usual way of life is hardly reasonable. And a game dedicated to large-scale adventures will be an excellent solution to the problem.

Game features:

  • Own fortress
  • Pumping of protective structures
  • Well-designed gameplay
  • Interesting crafting experience

В ней геймеров ждут опасные сражения, строительство неприступной крепости, формирование сильной армии, использование мощного оружия. Кроме продуманной стратегии борьбы для завоевания победы придётся применять разные военные хитрости, а также магические заклинания.
In a colorful virtual adventure about protecting your possessions from enemies, gamers are given complete freedom of action. Battle of Castles will open up a world of great deeds and daring feats for each participant, which in everyday life are available only to fans of adventure novels. Now every owner of a mobile device can become a hero whose actions can decide the outcome of the war.

Battle of Castles (hacked: a lot of money) for Android download

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